Yes, You Can Get Cheap Insulin!

●  Anyone in the U.S. can get Humalog, Novolog and other insulins for $0 to $30.  Several options have no income limits or applications, so everyone qualifies.

●  We are the Cheap Insulin Foundation (CIF), a new nonprofit created to help everybody get cheap or free insulin, insulin pumps & continuous glucose monitors (CGM's).

●  To do this, we help diabetics take advantage of existing options (especially the little-known 340b program) by publishing details here, and by providing free, individual assistance.

●  Plus, we actively reach out to those needing help by posting (and responding to posts) on the most popular diabetes Facebook groups. 

●  We also publicize details of the main cause of high US insulin prices (huge, secretive "drug rebates" paid to insurers and PBM's), and advocate for an immediate, permanent solution.

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1. 340b Prices - Everyone Qualifies!

Patients at Community Health Centers qualify for cheap insulin through the 340b discount program.

Humalog for $2 to $25!  No income limits or applications.  Just see a doctor at any Community Health Center.  More ...

2. Canadian Pharmacies


Buy most insulins for $30-$50 USD per vial or box. Get it shipped or pick it up. Plus, prescriptions often aren't needed.  More ...

3. Patient Assistance


Got no insurance or drug benefit? Make up to $100k+ (family of 4) & still qualify for free insulin from drug companies. More ...

4. Insulin Savings Cards


Get cheap or free Humalog, Novolog, Lantus, Toujeo and others.  Download cards online & use them today!  More ...

5. Facebook & Craigslist

Facebook groups like T1D Pay It Forward are great places to find cheap or free insulin and supplies.

Often people offer cheap/free insulin, cgms, pumps & supplies on websites like Facebook, Craigslist, etc.  More ...

6. Walmart

Walmart has cheap, generic insulin, which doesn't require a prescription.

As a last resort, these old-style insulins aren‘t that great, but  they're just  $25 & no prescription needed. More ...

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Incredible 340b Insulin Prices


Humalog/Novolog for $2 to $20

Thanks to the federal 340b drug discount program, anybody in the US can get insulin and other medications for incredibly low prices, just by seeing a medical provider at any community health center in the country.

The best discounts apply to Humalog, Novolog, Novolin and Levemir.  For example, the exact same 10 ml vial of Humalog that now retails for more than $300, can be bought for between $2 and $25 per vial, depending on the particular health center, pharmacy, and whether you get a 30/60/90 day supply (which often means a much lower per-vial price).

THE Cause of High Insulin Prices


75% Kickbacks, 400% Inflated Prices

The main reason for high insulin prices is NOT a mysterious combination of drug-company greed, research costs, and a "complicated" pricing system.

The main problem are huge "drug rebates" (up to 75% of the retail price) that insulin companies must pay to insurers and PBMs in order to get favorable coverage for their brands in US health plans.

Click below to see how most of your "out-of-pocket" expenses may end up "in the pocket" of your insurance company, and how a 20% co-pay may actually be a 70% percent co-pay.

Need Help Getting a Pump & CGM?


Insulin Pumps & CGMs can dramatically improve glucose levels & quality of life.   They can be expensive, but there are programs & resources to help.

Questions? Stuck? We Can Help


If you need help getting cheap insulin (or free insulin), an affordable insulin pump or CGM, or if you have any questions, please send us a message and we'll try to help.