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Costco Dexcom Program Details


Dexcom G6 CGM Prices

Please Note: This promotion may have ended.  We are checking on the status.

Approximate prices through the Costco Member Prescription Program (CMPP):

Dexcom G6 Transmitter: $28

Dexcom G6 Receiver: $35

Dexcom G6 Sensors (3): $318

1. Visit or Call a Local Costco Pharmacy

The first step to get these prices is to call or visit your local Costo pharmacy, and ask about the Dexcom G6 prices under the Costco Member Prescription Program (CMPP).

Not all Costco pharmacies participate in the program (because in some states the pharmacies in the stores are not run by Costco). 

2. Confirm You Are Eligible for CMPP Program

To be eligible to for the CMPP program (and get the discount prices on Dexcom and other prescriptions),  you have to meet certain requirements.

See the brochure below, but the most important requirement is that you cannot be covered by Medicaid or Medicaire, or have commercial insurance that would cover the Dexcom components, even if you still haven't covered your deductible and have to pay for them yourself.

Basically, you need to either have no health insurance, or have health insurance that doesn't cover prescriptions – or that just doesn't cover the Dexcom prescriptions.

If you don't qualify for the program, then you can apply for discount vouchers through Dexcom that work with your insurance coverage, at

3. Get a Costco Membership & Join CMPP

Once you've confirmed your store participates, what the promotional prices are there (they seem to differ a bit from store to store), and that you're eligible for CMPP, then you're ready to become a Costco member and join the program:

  • a) Sign up for a Costco membership ($60)  (if you don't already have one).  You only need one membership per family.
  • b)Ask for a CMPP brochure (like the PDF linked below).

    See the CMPP brochure & application below.  The requirements, FAQ's & short application are included in it.  (This is just a sample, because the application includes the actual card, with a unique ID number.)

4. Have Prescriptions Sent to Costco

Have your medical provider send prescriptions for the G6 components you need:  transmitters, receiver and/or sensors.

You can also just bring in a paper copy of the prescription.

5. Pick Up Your New CGM

Depending on the store and what you ordered, they may have what you need in stock, or you may have to wait a couple days.

For more details, ask at a Costco pharmacy.

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Costo Member Prescription Program Brochure & Application

Costco CMPP Brochure Application (Sample) (pdf)


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