Insulin Savings Cards


Humalog Savings Card, Lantus Savings Card, Etc.

Probably the fastest, easiest way to get cheap or free insulin – if you meet the requirements –  is by using the manufacturer's insulin savings cards.

They are available for several different types of insulin, and they can be used at almost any pharmacy. 

However, they differ on the amount of the discount and on who can use them. 

If you have commercial health insurance, but you have a high co-pay, deductible or your insulin isn't covered at all, then you most likely qualify for free or nearly free insulin using these cards.

If you have no insurance, then you likely can get a large discount, and may get your insulin for free.

If you are covered by Medicaid, Medicare or another government program, you are probably not eligible to use these cards.

Although most of the cards indicate that cash customers still must pay $99 or more per vial (or box), some health center pharmacies will provide Lantus and Toujeo for free to cash customers with a prescription, who otherwise meet the requirements of the card.   So, it pays to ask around.

For details, see the links below:

Humalog U-100 Savings Card:
here doesn't appear to be a savings card for this, the most commonly used type of Humalog, but there is a savings card for the U-200 pens, which contain Humalog at double the concentration of U-100 (see below).   

Humalog U-200 Kwikpen Savings Card

Warning: This can be used from the pen only; as the pen is calibrated to provide the correct dosage of this double-concentrated Humalog.  

This Humalog cannot be used in insulin pumps (unless the pump is configured for U-200 insulin) because U-200 is double the concentration of the U-100 normally used in pumps.

Novolog Savings Card

Lantus Savings Card

Toujeo Savings Card

Apidra Savings Card

Levemir Savings Card

Tresiba Savings Card

Fiasp Savings Card

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