Getting Insulin at the ER



Going to the hospital just to get free insulin at the ER definitely should be your last resort, as you may have to wait hours, and end up with a huge bill (even though you won't have to pay it right then).

Of course, if you don't have another alternative, or if you are having an emergency -- like possible ketoacidosis -- then don't hesitate.  Otherwise, the other options are much better.

If you do run out of options, at the ER you will be able to see a doctor (or nurse practitioner or physician's assistant), who should provide you with some insulin and maybe a prescription for more.  Plus, they will not require payment at the time if you are unable to pay.  

However, they will bill you (and a lot!), unless you request, and are approved, for free or reduced-cost care.   And even if you have a moderate income, it's best to apply for this.   They'll ask you several questions and/or have you fill out an application.

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